2019 Think-20 Task Force on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Women’s Economic Empowerment (SDG5)

G20 Japanese Presidency. 2019 Think-20 Task Force on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Women’s Economic Empowerment (SDG5) Japan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Taro Kono Under the 2019 Japanese Presidency of the [...]


The Long Game

Over an illustrious 30-year career, consultant, author and acclaimed speaker Dinah Bennett has worked with people and organisations all over the world to gain insights into enterprise and entrepreneurship.


Engaging Religious & Traditional Leaders Is Crucial If We Are To Achieve SDG5 By 2030

As the world celebrates this year’s International Women’s Day -- whose theme is “Think equal, build smart, innovate for change” -- all stakeholders must resolve to work to find innovative ways to engage more men and young boys in the push to advance gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls.


Rencontre avec Moise Ntigirinzigo, fondateur de l’ONG IPSDI au Burundi

WEI (Women’s Economic Imperative) est fier de s’associer à W4 (Women’s WorldWide Web) pour soutenir les jeunes femmes du Burundi, les aidant à s’assurer des emplois sûrs et décents dans le secteur formel et à développer éventuellement leurs propres entreprises agro-alimentaires favorisant la sécurité alimentaire au sein de leurs communautés.


Fostering Women-led businesses in non-traditional sectors in Peru

An innovative project launched by the British Embassy in Lima seeks to encourage more women to establish and grow businesses in non-traditional sectors, including the extractive industries (oil and mining), STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) sectors, environment, agroindustry, construction and financial services.


WEI interviews Nino Zambakhidze, Chairwoman of the Georgian Farmers’ Association

The WEI editorial team had the pleasure of interviewing Nino Zambakhidze, Chairwoman of the Georgian Farmers’ Association & WEI Champion about her work to promote women’s entrepreneurship & economic empowerment in Georgia.


62nd Session of the Commission on the Status of Women: a call to the international community to empower rural women & girls

Recent movements such as #MeToo and #NiUnaMenos have sparked outrage and given rise to global conversations, shifting traditional views about gender and equality. We need to continue moving the agenda forward, to create synergies between diverse actors and tackle the deeply-rooted factors that currently impede women’s empowerment.


2018 Think-20 Task Force on Gender Economic Equity: From Inception to Summit

As the 2018 Argentine Presidency of the G20 draws to a close, this post looks back at some of the highlights from the work of the 2018 Think-20 Engagement Group’s Task Force on Gender Economic Equity (GEE). There has been significant convergence on key focus areas and recommendations for action on gender economic equity across the G7-G20 and the relevant engagement groups including the T20 and W20.


CONVERSATION WITH MARGO THOMAS – St. Aidan’s College, Durham University (Durham, United Kingdom – November 2018)

My presentation on ‘Women’s Economic Empowerment and The Costs of Inequity’ was hosted and co-sponsored by Dr. Susan Frenk, Principal of St Aidan’s College at Durham University in partnership with Societal Innovation and Enterprise Forum, (SIEF) Durham [...]



The 2018 Women's Forum reflected on some of the global challenges still faced by women, as part of a wider commitment to "leave no one behind" in the Commonwealth journey to achieving gender equality by [...]


Taking Forward the Women’s Economic Empowerment Agenda: Wilton Park, 2017

On 29 November 2017, the Women’s Economic Imperative (WEI) launched its collaboration with Wilton Park and AllAfrica as part of the Women’s Entrepreneurship activities in the United Kingdom with an action-oriented Forum on Taking Forward the Women’s Economic Empowerment Agenda. The Forum was held (29 November – 1 December, 2017) at Wiston House in West Sussex, England.