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From left to right: Julia Pomares (Executive Director, CIPPEC), Susana Balbo (W20 Chair), Andrea Grobocopatel (W20 Co-Chair), Dr. Margo Thomas (T20 Gender Task Force Co-Chair) and Gala Díaz Langou (T20 Gender Task Force Co-Chair)

The Work of the Think20 Task Force on Gender Economic Equity has begun in Argentina, with the Think 20 Inception Workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina during the week of January 29, 2018. In my capacity as an Associate Fellow of Chatham House, I am honored to co-chair this Task Force with Gala Díaz Langou, Director of Social Programs, CIPPEC.

As Argentina hosts of the G20 Presidency in 2018, the theme for 2018 is “BUILDING CONSENSUS FOR FAIR AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT”. This theme and the priorities established for 2018 are based on the fundamental assertion that ‘Growth that is fair, as well as sustainable, is the pillar of development’, with three overarching questions: What is dialogue without consensus? What is power without fairness? What is development without sustainability?

In ‘BUILDING ON THE LEGACY: ENSURING CONTINUITY’ Argentina is seeking to build on the valuable legacy of past presidencies. Hence the empowerment of women has been firmly established as a key area of focus that cuts across the theme and priorities for 2018. It is recognized that because of the inherent and pervasive structural inequalities globally, the impact of most policies has inherently different impacts and outcomes for men and women. Moreover, the empowerment of women – roughly half of the world’s population – is critical for global economic growth and sustainable development for the benefit of all of the world’s men and women, girls and boys. Hence the commitment of the Argentine presidency to fostering a gender mainstreaming strategy across the whole G20 agenda and boosting “women’s empowerment, the elimination of gender disparities in employment, science, technology and education, and protection from all forms of gender-based violence.”

Working in support of the agenda established by the Women 20 (W20), the G20 engagement group that brings together women’s organizations from G20 member countries across the globe, Think 20 (T20) has established a Task Force on Gender Economic Equity. This T20 Task Force will work with its constituents to bring evidence-based research forward to support the W20 agenda and facilitate fora for collective knowledge sharing and learning on the relevant issues. By facilitating the free exchange of views and ideas based on evidence, the primary goal of this taskforce is to table concrete, relevant and feasible policy options in support of the W20 Agenda and the G20’s mandate to promote strong, sustainable and balanced growth.

The research agenda for this T20 Task Force on Gender Economic Equity was defined in collaboration with W20’s Chair, Susana Balbo, and Co-Chair, Andrea Grobocopatel, and it will be framed by the four priorities of the W20: labor inclusion, with a focus on entrepreneurship and the care economy; financial inclusion; digital inclusion; and, rural women. In this context, the key objectives of our Task Force meeting this week are to:

  1. Mobilize the collective knowledge and resources of the Taskforce’s members and constituents to share information and knowledge;
  2. Work with W20 to establish a plan of action to support the W20 agenda; and
  3. Identify knowledge gaps and evidence-based resources to fill the gaps necessary to support the W20 agenda.

In support of the W20, we look forward to engaging our constituents in a robust discussion and developing a plan of action aimed at achieving these objectives.

The Task Force meeting will be held on Thursday February 1st at 2pm Buenos Aires time. You may join the meeting virtually, by taking the following steps:

  • If using a mobile device: download the App in; press Enter Existing Room; and, type “t20gtcippec” on the screen.