Women Who Inspire: Shirley Pryce


Shirley Pryce, Founder of the Jamaica Household Workers Association, is a true testament of what resilience, courage and hard-work can yield. She did not allow her circumstances to determine her destiny, rather she used it as an opportunity to transform the lives of other women in similar situations.

Women Who Inspire Me – July 2017


Kudos to the founder - Carol Cooke, and women entrepreneurs engaged in the Barefoot in Business initiative – taking the work of the UNSG High-Level Panel on Women’s Economic Empowerment forward! This is an impressive undertaking designed to mobilize investment in and provide a marketplace for products produced by women in Uganda [...]

Interview with WEI Champion Yanire Brana


"My experience showed me that, even in countries like Spain, France or Belgium, it’s very difficult for women in the middle term of their career to pursue having children and a family while also nurturing their professional growth. My observations motivated me to create something to help professional women. "

WEI interviews Nino Zambakhidze, Chairwoman of the Georgian Farmers’ Association


The WEI editorial team had the pleasure of interviewing Nino Zambakhidze, Chairwoman of the Georgian Farmers’ Association & WEI Champion about her work to promote women’s entrepreneurship & economic empowerment in Georgia.

WEI Champion Spotlight: Ashaba Faridah


Before I pursued a diploma in flight operations and management, I didn’t even know we had pilot training in Uganda. Choosing a career as a pilot is not very common, so despite having dreamed of flying in planes as a child, I didn’t think it was one that would come true. However, while I was still in school I attended an orientation where I was able to go and see people actually flying. This one plane came and landed, and out walked a woman! Seeing her felt so empowering that it reignited my love for flying, and afterwards I knew I had to do everything I could to be a pilot.

WEI Champion Spotlight: Stephanie Trpkov


I am a business strategist who has worked in management consulting in the SEE region for over a dozen years. I am currently a strategy consultant with the World Bank in the Energy and Extractives Global Practice, and also serving as an adviser to the European Commission on digitization and adaptation of future strategies in targeted sectors of the economy. I mentor companies in the technology park and CleanTech accelerator in Croatia, developing strong business models, securing funding, and generally providing access to the kind of expert advice they can’t really afford in the early stages.

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