Women's Economic Empowerment

The imperative to foster global gender economic equity. “Women’s economic empowerment is not just a moral imperative, it is an economic no-brainer.” Women make significant contributions to economic growth, wealth creation, innovation, employment, and human capital. Yet, their participation is constrained by structural impediments and biases – lower wages, fewer employment options, non-payment for care work within families, poor health care and benefits, under-valuation of economic contributions. As a result, we all lose! If the economic pie is bigger and more equitably distributed we will all be better off.

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“This was probably one of the most powerful, inspiring, and thought provoking discussion I have ever had the privilege to attend. Thank you Dr. Thomas”

“Inspirational , emotional, aspirational… I am blown by this woman”

“I really enjoyed Dr. Thomas this morning. Dr. Thomas expressed a lot of thoughts we all have, but not sure where we can express them.“

“Hats off to you for leading the session and getting Dr. T! she is awesome, smart and provocative…! Love her!”