In her current role of Founder and President of the Women’s Economic Imperative, Dr. Thomas serves as a catalyst for initiatives aimed at increasing opportunities for the economic empowerment of disadvantaged and under-represented groups globally, with a particular focus on women and girls.

WEI actively supports CHANGE

We actively support women-led businesses, guiding them from concept development to operation. Our focus extends to developing small and medium enterprises, building networks for transformative entrepreneurs in the often-overlooked “missing middle,” and offering crucial advice on creating favorable ecosystems and trade regimes for women’s enterprise and innovation.


As powerful advocates for change, we campaign for alterations in adverse norms, policies, and laws hindering women’s progress. Beyond traditional advocacy, our efforts mobilize diverse stakeholders, including youth, male champions, and cultural leaders. We establish communication forums to connect and empower women, fostering collective strength and resilience.


In thought leadership, we focus on transformative initiatives for vulnerable, minority, and women-owned businesses. Applying a multi-sector and multi-industry lens, we showcase women as powerful economic actors, challenging conventional narratives and reshaping perceptions. Emphasizing inclusive practices, we contribute innovative ideas for a more dynamic and equitable economic future.